7 Common Mistakes in Painting a Home


Choosing the right color for the walls of your home is a time consuming and quite tedious process. The options and shades to consider are innumerable and the mistakes that can occur are many. Gikas Painting Painters advise and help throughout the whole procedure in New Jersey. We present their advice to you to do what you can to avoid them.


  1. Painting shades

Choose a shade just by looking at the sample book. The sample books show the shades on just a few square centimeters of paper, while the surface of even the smallest wall in your room is much larger. The difference is huge and so you must first paint a large area of ​​your wall experimentally, before you end up with the paint.


  1. Lighting of the house

You do not take into account the lighting of your house. To decide what color to paint your house you must first see what color you like in the sun or at night, with the lamps you have chosen. The light changes a lot within the 16 hours you are awake. The best solution is to paint a large piece of paper and place it in different parts of the house to see what it looks like. If you like it, then proceed to painting.


  1. Don’t paint before choosing furniture

You decide the color of your walls before you end up with the furniture. It is a big mistake to paint your house and then go out to the shops to buy furniture. You can paint your walls red and then fall in love with a yellow or blue sofa. That is why we first choose the furniture and based on the decoration we have chosen to make, we also paint the house.


  1. Do not overdo it with the intense shades

A wall in a strong shade may look very impressive, but 4 walls in a bright color will look much more intense as each wall will reflect on the other, creating a very heavy and intense result.


  1. Consider all shades of beige the same

If you choose to paint your home a neutral-natural tone, then lighten the color a little by 25% and you will see that the result will be more impressive.


  1. Do not break the rules

A basic rule of painting says that you should not paint small areas with dark shades. Sometimes you can break this rule if you want to create warmth in your home.


  1. You live with colors you do not like

Most people paint their house with a color and if they realize that in the end they do not like it, they do nothing about it and simply choose to stay in a house with a color they hate. Do not make the same mistake. If the shade you chose does not work, choose another one and repaint the walls.

Extra Painting Tips!

  1. Try on a wall surface the color you want to see if it suits your lighting.
  2. Do not paint with strong shades all four walls of a room. Intense shades are for small surfaces.
  3. If you do not like the color you chose, paint it again (and immediately) in another shade.


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7 Common Mistakes in Painting a Home