To have a stylish outfit, in addition to the right combination of clothes, you need to make the right choice of accessories – γυναικείες τσάντες– . Choosing the right shoe and bag can make the difference regardless of the rest of the set. After all, how many times a special bag has saved one boring otherwise outfit.

Fashionistas around the world often surprise us with their special and eccentric choices. Like combining sneakers with a classic, but still, branded evening bag.

Do not combine your shoes with your bag

In the year 2021, ςε can say that the combination of bag and shoe is prohibitive, if you want to avoid a boring and outdated outfit, unless of course we are talking about a total black outfit. In any other case it would be good to avoid it.

The mentality of the same texture in a shoe and a bag is also outdated. To give a fashion dimension to your outfit, combine 2 different colors in a bag and a shoe. Remember that warm colors match other warm and cold with cold. You can combine a colorful pair of shoes with a monochrome bag.

Confuse Textures

Combine a leather bag with velvet texture in shoes etc As you distinguish an evening dress from a sports or casual one, do the same with the bags that you will combine with shoes of the same logic. That is, a pair of satin evening heels, they fit perfectly with a small evening bag, etc.

Do not commit

If you want to wear heels with a tote bag or sportswear with a cross body evening bag, do it just make sure they have the same tones and there is a balance in the rest of the outfit.

The classic combination of the same color bag and shoe in an outfit is the safe choice that can not be wrong, but it is something predictable. Definitely a good choice for an intense, eccentric outfit where you do not want the accessories to attract attention. But in general it is quite monotonous and has been overthrown by fashion trends. Fashion is constantly evolving and new trends suggest more original and creative ways to compose a beautiful and interesting outfit. So in the shoe-bag combination, keep in mind that you can make a change.


Create a strong contrast in a bag and shoe

Another way you can combine bags with your shoes is to create a strong contrast. Especially with a quieter outfit such as a pair of simple jeans and a monochrome blouse can immediately take off your style. Try either two very contrasting colors or two very different prints. Of course for a start you can combine a white or black shoe with a more intense bag or vice versa.

Choose similar shades in bag and shoe

If you prefer safer and minimal options for your outfits you can try to combine similar shades of the same color in a bag and shoe. So they will be combined with each other but they will not be exactly the same color so you will have given a little more interest in your outfit.

Other styling tips

When choosing a bag, you should always think about your style of dress – whether it is casual, classic or girly. Also, if your clothes will be monochrome or with prints. If you wear clothes in natural and soft tones, you can keep a bag in a more intense color to give a different touch to your ensemble. If you are bold and want to combine patterned clothes with patterned bag, make sure the colors in the prints match each other.

When choosing a very large bag, pay attention to where on your body it will stand. If you have a big waist, the bag should be with a big strap and stop at the hips. On the contrary, if you have big hips, choose a bag that will reach up to your waist.

For your workplace, the best choice is a leather bag that is not fancy. Black and brown are the safest colors but do not be afraid of a red, yellow or purple. Remember, though, that it should be neither too big nor too small. The bags with a long strap that reach to the waist fit the tall silhouettes.


Larger bags or bags with a large strap that reach to the hips are best suited for fuller bodies. Finally, very large bags are ideal for days when you are away from home for many hours, because you can carry many things.

Like all suggestions, make sure you try them first and then judge. Also remember that you can adapt each trend to your own data to suit you and express you. The bag complements your ensemble, so it has to match your clothes. So there are some tips that you can follow to always be sure of the bag you are holding.

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