Sexuality and factors

Sexuality is a concept that has not been discovered these days, not even in previous decades. It is a concept that is the same age as man on earth. It is the power, the motivation but also the reward of man for the perpetuation of the species. Golden diamond escorts tell us how sexuality is affected today through their eyes.

In addition, sexuality is a way and an opportunity for people to communicate. Only it tends to become the only way to communicate and socialize man, since companionship, friendship, family relationships and social contacts have faded in our time.

How is sexuality affected today?

The last decade of our century was the decade when people talked and wrote more than ever about sex. It is the decade in which most research, most gallops and most sexuality measurements have been published.

Unfortunately, it is also the decade of rapid growth in the percentage of young people who have problems with their sexual function. It is also the time when more and more people are unable to form a relationship that gives them pleasure.

So nowadays for many people sex – athens escorts – has become the most problematic part of their lives. There are many reasons why people are confused. The most important ones seem to be:

The commercialization of sex

Sex sells in whatever form it is marketed. In the past, pornography was limited. Apart from the magazines that were not easy to obtain for anyone, especially children, there were movies in the cinemas. In these cases, both access and content were subject to scrutiny.

Today, however, the internet and the countless television stations that offer either free or paid pornography are very close to all of us.

These modern technologies allow both adults and children or adolescents an extremely easy access to pornographic photos, movies or texts, at any time or day. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that all of this can be done easily and systematically from home, without being easily noticed by others.

No one can control this industry in which situations that were previously impossible to imagine are projected.

Transvestism and transsexualism

The quality of the content displayed by pornographic websites is often dangerous. It is often not normal sexual behaviours but modified situations aimed at commercial exploitation.

Distorted pathological behaviours, impermissible sexual situations such as pedophilia, zoophilia or other unusual or socially unacceptable fantasies are projected in the same way and in parallel with normal sexuality.

So, for example, transvestism and transsexualism are presented by a section of the media as an interesting sexual behaviour but also as a means of social and economic recognition athens call girls claim.

The individual stories of paraphiliac behaviours, as these perversions are called in medicine, are projected as role models and concern young people. Again, other questionable behaviours, such as group sex, are projected as models of sexual satisfaction.

Should human relationships worry us?

So we see that this new situation is very worrying. It affects a huge number of people today, it is possible to modify perceptions, it gives wrong messages to young people and adults. Unfortunately, pornography is now turning into the worst of sexuality and human relationships.

Even worse, there is a serious risk of poor and distorted sex education in children and adolescents because pornography has become an important source of information for them. Even fashion, no matter how innocent it may seem, is slowly and steadily but steadily stripping the female body, trying to combine a new aesthetic with the broadcast of erotic messages, promising an erotic challenge.

Also, the sale of sexuality by escorts is facilitated by its fragmentation. So sex went to retail, piece by piece. Separate the penis from the male body, separate the woman’s breast from the rest of her body. Separately, sexuality from companionship, Separate the visual message from the relationship (for example porn videos), Separate the auditory stimulus from the rest of sexuality ( for example pink phones).

In nightclubs, the spectacle is more and more sexual, more and more provocative. More and more actors in modern societies are beginning to understand social and psychological problems that continue to arise and accumulate over time due to the recent astonishing spread of pornography.

We believe that it is important that all stakeholders, both social and state actors, as well as the general public, realize the magnitude of the problem and the impact that this adverse situation can have in the short and long term.

Misinformation about sex

Inexhaustible journalism, as it is portrayed both in pornographic magazines and in various magazines about sex, also leads to misinformation with dire consequences for humans.

A classic example of misinformation is the constant writing about the size of the penis. The unrealistic dimensions attributed to them and the connection of the large penis with the satisfaction and orgasm of the woman block the men and lock them in the wrong views about sexuality. This makes it easy to create inferiority complexes, especially at a young age, starting with misinformation. Similar misinformation images, which often trap the couple, are given about the duration of sexual intercourse, its frequency, the repetitions, the simultaneous orgasm.

Sexuality is also associated with a flawless appearance and a luxurious and luxurious environment, which often disappoints potential lovers if they do not meet similar standards. The first time in sex is also projected through scary images that concern young people and lead them to lonely sexuality.

The isolation of sex from the relationship

Human sexuality has traditionally been associated with companionship and in a relationship. This traditional way, however, makes it difficult to commercialize sex, which is aimed mainly at people without a permanent bond.

So a necessary condition for the commercialization of sex is to convince citizens to avoid permanent relationships with emotional coverage. Today, a section of the press has undertaken to pass on these perceptions to young people.

The impossibility of ready answers and clear positions around sexuality

Until a few years ago, people had clearer views on sexuality. Practically, the citizens had clear answers to all the questions. Today, if we ask people the same questions, many will find it difficult to take a stand, and many will answer “I don’t know” or “I don’t answer.”

  • Example 1: If we had asked our parents a few years ago if they agreed with premarital sex, we would have received the same answer from everyone: no. If we ask parents the same question today, we will receive many different answers and some “I don’t know” or “I don’t answer”.
  • Example 2: If we had asked citizens a few years ago the question “are you bothered by homosexuality”, we would have received the same answer from everyone: yes. If we ask citizens the same question today, we will get many different answers. Similar questions could be about oral, anal sex, etc. This inability of ready-made answers and clear positions makes our sexual function unimaginably difficult.
  • Example 3: If we asked citizens a few years ago what is the basic social rule governing sexual intercourse, they would tell us that sexual intercourse does not take place in public. It is a personal moment of the couple, which does not concern third parties.

Nowadays, both the commercialization of sex and the use of technology have brought cameras and the photographic lens to face sexual intercourse. Videos, movies, photos, descriptions intended to arouse sexuality, concern a significant portion of the population around sexuality.

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Sexuality and factors