The release of the Samsung Galaxy Z Roll with Stylus is possible

The Samsung Galaxy Z Roll will be the foldable smartphone with its foldable phone case – θήκες κινητών – that will soon become a reality, while it will also support the S Pen. The Samsung Galaxy Z Roll made its appearance as a concept, however it is expected to enter production normally.

One of the confirmations, apart from the fact that we will see the Samsung Galaxy Z Roll enter mass production, is that the S Pen function will be fully supported by the upcoming model. In practice, this means that the Galaxy Z Roll will be the first foldable smartphone to fully support the S Pen function.

Samsung Galaxy Z Roll with Stylus

The production model will have a 6-inch screen when folded, while it can be expanded up to 8 inches and will support multitasking functions. The first information speaks of a possible release of the Samsung Galaxy Z Roll in 2022, without, however, giving detailed information on when exactly this will happen.

Samsung trademarks the Z Roll

This move by Samsung can only mean that the Galaxy Z Roll is ready to hit the market. The registration of the brand name in Europe is an important step for the promotion of the new concept in the market.

It can be presented as a concept in the context of Samsung’s feature demonstration and the way in which it can present a device that can be easily converted from a mobile phone to a tablet with a 17-inch diagonal screen.

The name Samsung Galaxy Z Roll is, therefore, here to stay and everything shows that we are gradually moving towards the presentation of a final product with these features from the Korean company. What is also considered a given for the new model is that it will fully support the operation of the S-Pen.

The market for Rollable devices is attracting the interest of other manufacturers, so we expect a new field of phone competition to emerge there, from which Samsung could not be missing.

Samsung is preparing a 17-inch foldable

Samsung Display will take part in Display Week 2021 and there will make an interesting technology show. Samsung’s theme will be “Better Life thru Samsung OLED”, so we get a good taste of what it will present to us.

The Display Week 2021 event, organized by the Society for Information Display (SID) International, will present all the developments in the field of OLED technology and the products that can result from the exploitation of the new possibilities that arise.

Samsung 17-inch foldable for Display Week 2021

Samsung is expected to introduce a foldable that can unfold its S-shaped screen, in such a way that a 17-inch desktop emerges from a device that is no larger than a modern smartphone.

In full fold, the device will be able to work as a tablet, when folded it will be able to use a smartphone. It will be able to support many usage scenarios, with one of them looking like a computer, so that one has the comfort of working with a full keyboard.

Another point of interest is that there is technology to insert the camera under the screen, so that the front camera does not cut part of the screen. The keynote address by Samsung Display President Joo-Sun Choi, during which we will see all of the above on May 18

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The release of the Samsung Galaxy Z Roll with Stylus is possible